Website construction

I first created my own website about 1997, stumbling about with raw HTML, using Windows Notepad. In 2001, I installed FrontPage and, since then, I have updated and extended my website, transferring it to my own domain in 2004.

Pholcus logo

As well as my own web, under the pen-name 'Pholcus' I also have set up and maintained a few others: see the first section in the external links column, right.

Recently, I have begun to appreciate the delights of CSS (Cascading Style sheets). The multiple benefits of separating content from layout have come as a revelation, and it has been a fascinating learning curve! Work in progress includes a comprehensive re-writing of two websites, as well as continuing revision of my own.

I no longer use FrontPage, working instead in tsWebEditor or NVU and, more recently, HTML-Kit, often in conjunction with Notepad2. I have found both XnView and Jalbum useful for generating web galleries, albeit with some tweaking of their templates and style sheets. Adobe Lightroom offers an alternative route to web gallery creation.

Like many others, I have abandoned the ubiquitous but unsatisfactory Internet Explorer in favour of Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Nevertheless, I endeavour to make my web pages render as accurately as possible in all three browsers.