Fern Cultivar Nomenclature

In 1988, somewhat exasperated by the dogged refusal of some growers to follow the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants, I wrote an article proposing a way in which the descriptive Latin terms beloved of some fern enthusiasts (mainly in the UK) could be retained, whilst still conforming to the ICNCP. This paper first appeared in The Pteridologist 1(5): 192-195 (1988) and is reproduced here by permission of the Editor.

It is pleasing to note that this proposal has been largely accepted by individual enthusiasts and the trade. The system is simple and effective, and can be seen in practice in the RHS Plant Finder - follow the link for the online version.

For historical interest, and because the principles put forward remain true to the current edition of the ICNCP, it seems worth making this article available as a PDF file - link in the column to the left.

The Pteridologist is a journal of the British Pteridological Society.