Abelia R. Br. (Caprifoliaceae) in cultivation

These lists arise as a spin-off from my article which aimed to provide an overview of Abelia in gardens. Based largely on my account for the European Garden Flora (2000), the nomenclature has since been updated in part, to follow some of the changes adopted by Chinese and other botanists. I happily acknowledge the great help of Michele Funston, Flora of China Checklist Coordinator at the Missouri Botanic Gardens.

The links immediately below lead to a list of accepted names, and a second list of synonyms and other non-accepted names. Some names familiar in gardens do not appear among the accepted names: such names will be found in the list of synonyms. 

The New Ornamentals Society website contains much valuable information, and includes a comprehensive list of Abelia cultivars.

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Barnes, Peter (2001) Abelia mosanensis. The New Plantsman 8(3): 188.