Local weather extremes 1995 - date

The data below are extracted from the weather records kept at this location since the beginning of 1995. The data will be updated as necessary in the future.

black ice on country lane

Very severe black ice on country lane near Llangeitho, 4 December 2010 -- the first year that the County Council ceased 'precautionary gritting' on the lanes into and out of Llangeitho. There are steep hills on all these lanes and there was a nasty accident on one of them on this morning, with a 4x4 ending up on its roof.


Highest daily screen maximum: 32°C 1,2,3,11 & 21 August 1995
Lowest daily screen minimum: -16.4°C 25 December 2010
-15.5°C 28 November 2010


Wettest month: 300.5mm November 2000
Driest month: 7mm January 1997
Wettest day: 60mm 28 Nov. 1997 [59.5 on 30 Oct. 2000]


Highest pressure: 1045 10 Nov. 1999; 16 Jan. 2000; 17 Feb. 2001
Lowest pressure: 957 10 March 2008 [1000GMT]